Afrimedical Products

    • Candela Picoway
  • Candela Picoway

    The picolaser with the lowest pulse duration for clear skin. Picoway is a pico-second laser with 450 PS, the shortest pulse duration. It works by 2 modalities:

    1. Full beam by Zoom hand-piece for superior results in pigmentation & tattoos removals.
    2. Fractional beam by Resolve hand-piece for rejuvenation, scar & wrinkle treatments.

    Full laser beam

    1. Deep dermal pigmentations
    2. Epidermal pigmentations
    3. Pico-toning
    4. Cosmetic & regular tattoos
    5. Melasma
    6. Green & blue tattoos (optional handpiece).

    Resolve fractional beam
    Skin rejuvenation
    Mild to moderate scars
    Mild to moderate fine lines & wrinkles